Friday, July 23, 2010

Why pay for Cheese?

I have seen so many blogs saying 50 cents for 5 but why pay for it when you can make money on it???
* And yes that is an amazing price I would stock up on it...but I wanted to try this deal at QFC and it worked!

I got all this cheese for a PROFIT of $1.10!!

Here is how I did it :

Buy 10 at $1.89 get $5 off instantly!
So 10 for $1.39!
Then used 5 of the $1/2 Blinkies next to the cheese!
Total= $8.90 then get back two $5 catalinas!
*I had $6 in catalinas from the Ben and Jerrys so my OOP was smaller.
So my Total after Catalinas = +$1.10


Joelle said...

Sweet! I wish we had a QFC! So - Michele and I were talking about if you got 10 packs - if (2) $5 cats would print! Both of us were chicken to try! It looks like it would work though! Nice Score!

Sarah and James Wagner said...

I was just going to go to Fred Meyer but since I only had a few minutes while my husband was home for lunch- I figured I would try QFC since I had $6 in catalinas!And I am glad I went there - I normally dont go to Fred Meyer.
Now I will have a fridge full of cheese! Thank goodness since all my cheese from the last safeway promo a few months ago ran out.


Jennifer McKaskle said...

I absolutly love your site-it's great. The only thing is, we don't have any of the stores you score at in my region. I was wondering if you had the inside scoop on a site similar to yours for the mid-south. Our grocery stores around here are Kroger, Big Star, Price Cutter, & Harps-not to mention Wal-Mart-since I actually do live in Arkansas. Let me know! I am enjoying your site TONS!

Sarah and James Wagner said...

Thank you so much Jennifer!I appreciate it! QFC, and Fred Meyer are Kroger stores :) So they should be running the same catalinas!I love that you read my blog, and hopefully you have a Target and the drugstores near you :) But have you found a blog near you as well??Let me know what questions you have! You can always email me too!

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