Thursday, July 8, 2010

QFC great deal!!

Head on over to QFC for this deal!!

So with this in Ad coupon go to QFC and get the little box of TRUE lemon-ade
* It is a box of little packets...not really juice boxes as shown.
Then if you did my Freebie Tuesday you will have this coupon pictured below!

Fear not...if you didn't guess what I found at my local store
on the TRUE lemon boxes!
(Hopefully you will get so lucky!)

So Here is what I did!!

24 pack of QFC Water $2.88
True Lemon $2.49

Then If you purchase True Lemon you get the Water Free Instantly
(when you use your QFC card)
$1.00 off True Lemon Coupon

Total = $1.49 for 24 pack of Water and True Lemon!!

All of this was $4.47

1 comment:

Michele said...

I love True Lemon! It is so addicting.

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