Saturday, July 10, 2010

Target Trips....

Can I just tell everyone HOW MUCH I LOVE TARGET!!!
So I don't take a post of everything I get at Target or every trip I do!
Almost everytime- I get deals like these!!
It is crazy I used to never be able to leave Target without spending at least $50+ dollars!!
Now it is crazy what I can get!!!

So check out some of my recent pictures and savings...and some of our readers!!

This is my best trip yet!!!
My total would have been $248.49! I spent $3.92!!

My total would have been $39.12 I spent $2.89!!

My total would have been $56.78! I spent $4.54!!

Here is Whitneys Trip!
She would have spent $217.84!! She spent $2.18!!

Here is Frugal Reader Stephanie's Trip!! All of this for $2.90!!!

I would post what each of us got....but it is all under the TARGET section HERE
* Some deals are Regional- since we don't always have the same coupons!
If you need certain coupons make sure to go HERE to buy them!
If you need a whole insert let me know!

Make sure to bring your reusable bag with you to Target!!
It is 5 cents for each bag you bring,
now that is easy money and you are helping the Earth!

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