Thursday, July 29, 2010

Target toy Clearance!! Up to 75% off!!!

Wow!! I feel like it is Christmas in July!
My mother in law wanted some time with my son, so I drug my husband to Target with me! And he probably thought I was crazy!!!
I filled the cart!!!
Well, at least getting ready for Christmas for my little one!
I figure, it will be his first birthday and his first Christmas where he will know what is going on!

I got all of the stuff in the picture for $54.90!!!


Christy said...

Woo Hoo! You found some great stuff, and you got to shop without children. BONUS!!! I love getting stuff or Christmas now, it makes is so much easier to enjoy the holiday when it rolls around.
Thanks so much for sharing!

{Katie} said...

Nice! Did you use coupons or was there just a great sale??

Desirae said...


I got 76 toys for $196

Sarah and James Wagner said...

Christy glad you got a great deal!!

Katie- no coupons just an amazing sale!! 75% off!

And thank you for sharing Desirae

SH said...

I was too late so I only got 2 toys but I got alot at Kmart

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