Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Great deal on Movie Tickets (Seattle)

Sorry this one is for people living around Seattle only
( and surrounding areas)

Did everyone get Mobba's last Movie deal??? I did!! Now this is a great new one!!

This is definitely the feel-good deal of the summer! For $26, you get a 4-pack of Regal Cinemas VIP super saver movie tickets good for any movie, at any Regal Cinemas theater! That's a savings of up to 40% off the cost of a summer blockbuster. So pick a flick and treat your family or a group of friends. Want to make it a free movie? Refer a friend and get a $5 credit.

Just go HERE to get your deal!!

Now if you haven't signed up yet feel free to use me as a referral ;)

Then go and refer all your friends!

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