Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun little freebie!

I am not sure I will be brave enough to sport this in my car, but it is such a cute little freebie!
I might give this to a friend as part of a baby shower gift?
Just go HERE to request this car magnet from Hottest Mom in America TV Show!

Thank you TheCouponPosse


Kilee said...

i would LOVE to see this in your car window! You should at least put it in James'. Just don't tell him!

Sarah and James Wagner said...

I think it would look better in yours!That is a great idea- to put it in James! I think I will get one now!

Joelle said...

I love the idea to give it as a baby shower gift!!! I don't think I could sport it in my mini van either! :-) I can't wait to meet you and am excited about the future!!!!! :-)

Sarah and James Wagner said...

It would be such a funny gift ;)
I would have liked it!
I am excited to meet you and the rest of the Posse' too :) It is crazy how everything comes together and falls into place!

Joelle said...

PS - I have never associated "John Wayne or a Clown" with the word POSSE' either. Leah's such a goof ball! :-) It is just a group of "girls"!

Sarah and James Wagner said...

LOL!! Too funny ;)
You can email me too!

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