Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some great printables!!!

So the question was asked??
" What coupons do you print? How do you decide?"

Well we can all get caught up in printing so many coupons online! There are so many and how do we decide?? I only print ones that I know won't be in the paper, and that is a high value or rare coupon!

Now Here are some great ones to print!
(now don't go rush and use them to just use them-unless you really need it today! But save it for a sale!)

$1/1 Shasta Coupon HERE

$1/1 Dove Promises HERE

$1/1 Pillsbury Easy Frost HERE

$1.50/2 Wasa HERE

$2/2 Nivea Lip Care HERE

$0.75/1 Newmans Owns Salsa HERE

$1.25/1 La Croix Sparkling Water HERE

And don't forget this Facebook one HERE B1G1 Bear Naked

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