Friday, July 30, 2010

I just love to see what everyone gets!

Wow!!! Our Frugal Reader Heather Scored at Target's 75% off clearance sale!!!!

It is so fun to see what everyone is getting, and what different varieties they have!
I am a bit jealous of some of the items!

Here is what she did!

Here you go! Total before tax = $248.32!
Can you imagine how much she saved?????

LT Gas 'n Go Mower x2 6.24
FP Girl Trio Set x3 7.48
Fun Roller 7.48
Bristle Blocks x4 6.24
Fun & Splash Set 8.48 (50%)
Matchbox Farm 3.48
" Knights Revenge 4.98
" Aircraft Carrier 4.24
" Mummy's Treasure 3.24
Small Soccer Ball x2 .74
Reg Soccer Ball Poof x2 1.74
Prince of Persia Dagger 2.48
"Cars" RPM Semi x2 1.62
Transforming Batcycle x2 4.98
Trio Wrecking Ball Crane 9.62
Trio Bulldozer 3.74
Trio Fire Squad 1.98
30 pc Wooden Train Tracks x2 3.98
Mega Blocks Ni Hao 4.98
Parachute Man .98
6 Pack Bubbles x3 1.48
Pails x13 .24
Paint Ball Gun 3.24
Clone Trooper Gun 9.98
Counting Bears 3.74
COunting Shapes 3.74
Time Teacher 3.74
Music Parade Set x2 3.74
Handy Manny Flashlight 3.98
Clone Trooper Helmet 7.48
Silk Screen TShirt Maker 9.98
Silk Screen Paint x4 1.98
Remote Control R2D2 7.48
Polly Pocket Boat x4 2.48
Polly Pocket x2 1.26
Polly Pocket x4 1.62
Polly Pocket Babies 1.16
Polly Pocket x4 2.48
Barbie Petites x2 1.56
Barbie Petites x2 1.84
Battle Rig .62
Jungle Pocket 2.48
Cars Bubble Set 2.01

Now what did you find!!!


Anonymous said...

The PONZU sauce is only valued up to $3.00

Sarah and James Wagner said...

Opps- wrong post but I will still answer :)
I used it, and when I did it worked last time there were twice the values!
Opps! Better read the fine print next time!
Well 49 cents is still a good deal :)

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