Friday, July 16, 2010

This is a great deal! I just signed up!

Just click on the picture above to get the deal!

Subscribe to receive one FREE movie ticket and 3 movie tickets every month for only $14.99!

( I know I normally buy 3 tickets a month and normally each one is over $10!)

Over 60% in Savings! Join Weekly Cinema Today and start enjoying all the Latest Movies in 16,000 Theaters Nationwide NOW!

How do I use my tickets? How does it work? You can redeem your coupon codes at for up to $14 value per ticket towards any movie (even IMAX and 3D movies)! Fandango is accepted at most theaters across the US, when I get tickets I only use Fandango so this works great for me!

When can I cancel? Will I be charged? You can cancel anytime, without a cancellation fee.

When do I get more tickets? We give out your monthly tickets at the beginning of the month.

Where can i find out if my theater is covered? Go to and see if there are any Fandango ticketing theaters near you!

Now how can you help support my blog? By clicking on links like this and signing up! Thank you for your support!

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