Saturday, June 5, 2010

My New Favorite Store!

Food Emporium!!
This is such a great store- I had a store that reminds me of Food Emporium when I used to live near Washington DC called Wegman's that I have missed so much! I am so glad I have been introduced to this store!

What is so great about this store?
It isn't a chain- it is locally owned!
It has amazing produce and meat selections!
They have so many kinds of hot chocolates ( I feel like I am in Utah!)
They have a nice tea selection!
And if you love chocolate- they have so many kinds!!
Did I mention they have a little unique shopping section??
And a super nice Starbucks!!
Overall they have SO MUCH to choose from!!

NOW the BEST part!!!!!
They will double 9 of your coupons up to $2!!!!!!!!!!
(One transaction per day) keeps getting better! They have a $5 off 25 purchase and $10 off $50 - but you can only use it unless you reach the specified amount after all Store Coupons!

Now where do you get these coupons since they aren't available in the store?? You need to head on over to CouponConnections NW and print these off! And check out her other match ups!!

** Bring your own bag and you get 5 cents off!!! Just remind them to take it off ****

Here are two of the Transactions I have done!!!

* Note the cheese was from a Rain Check!!

What is a Rain Check?
A rain check is a voucher that will allow you to purchase the item at the advertised price after the store has restocked it. Make sure to check it for an expiration date :)

Why is it important to do a Rain Check when a store is out of an item you need- when it is on sale?
It is the worst thing to go into a store planning on getting an item and they are out of stock! Or you go in and find a great deal! So to get that price you need a raincheckI know when I went in I was so nervous to ask for a rain check! My friend Amber - gave me the confidence to do it :) So just ask!

Now here is how I got my deal :

Tillamook Cheese Raincheck Price $3.99
6x $1/1 from Add Dairy to your Summer Coupon Book (From Safeway)
6x double
=$1.99 each

Angel Toilet Paper $3.99
.50 cents from 5-23 RP

Yoplait Yogurt .25 cents

*Then used a $5 off $25 *

My total was : $10.43 I think that is a great deal for all that cheese and everything else!!

Here is a great Match up for cheese for this week!!

* Tillamook Cheddar Cheese $4.99 w/ in ad coupon
(You can only get 2)

$1/1 from Add Dairy to your Summer Coupon Book (From Safeway)

Can you tell I am sick of running out of Toilet Paper and paying too much for it????

All of this for $20.45 - I think is a good deal? What do you think is a good deal on Toilet Paper??

Angel Toilet Paper $3.99
6x .50 cents from 5-23 RP
6x double
=$2.99 each

Stayfree $3.69
- $2 from 3/28RP

Earth's Best Baby Food 62 cents each
2x $1/7 jars HERE
2x double
= 61 cents each after coupons

Butterfinger 59 cents
Free coupon for being a fan on facebook

Then used $5 off $25

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