Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have you tried this?

What do you think about Restaurant.com giftcards?
I have personally never used these and today is the first time I purchased them!

Well if you have been wanting to try them now is the time to!
You get $25 in the restaurant of your choice for $2!!
Just go HERE and put in the promo code SUMMER


Stephanie said...

I think its a great concept. I used one for a date night with my husband to a new place, but it turns out it was really hard to order $35.00 worth of food at a mexican place. I am going to try again at a Japanese Steak House, where I know reaching the minimum with a couple friends wont be a problem :-)

Amber Red said...

I agree Stephanie- We had a difficult time reaching the amount and most of the restaurants don't include drinks.
But I think they would be great for a double date :) Then just split the bill!

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