Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good and bad news

Hey everyone, it's Whitney.  Let's start with the good news!!!

Sarah and I are working so hard at re-launching a new design.  It is going to be beautiful, and super easy to navigate around.  It will be sooo different, but also very similar.  We are so excited to re-launch...hopefully everything will be done within a week!

We would like to know what everyone wants to see on here?  Do you have any suggestions at all?  Anything you would like to see more or less of?  Also, what do you think would make a great addition to the site?  Any feedback we would love!  Either leave a comment or you can email Sarah in the contact bar towards the top.

We hope you are as excited about all of this as we are.  I know that Sarah puts so much love and effort into this blog.  I, personally, am so grateful for all she does to help us all become a little more frugal.

Now to the bad news...

I said last week that I would post twice today.  Sarah and I spoke today and we decided together to wait and have me post next week so we could focus on the new design.  So as I promised (but now it will be next week)...I will talk about tips on getting food on the table, and also another great money/time saving tip!

Hope you all have a great night, and have fun shopping!!!


Julie said...

Hey Whitney & Sarah! I'm SO excited to see your new blog design! I know it will be fabulous!!! You're an awesome blog designer! As far as feedback!! I actualy like everything that's on here! The only thing I think would make it look better is making the blog a 3 colum so it doesn't look so cluttered. But other than that I love everything on Sarah's site!! Keep up the good work Sarah!! Your blog is fabulous, and I know you and Whitney are gonna make it rock!!

Whitney Bennett said...

Yup, we are already doing the 3 columns. I agree, it is getting very cluttered. We are hoping to de-clutter and get everything looking nice so it is easier to navigate! :) Thanks!


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