Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today's Contest and Game!!

So I will be out and not blogging today...but I have scheduled some posts throughout the day!

Now here is where I will need your help!!

Since I have scheduled posts randomly throughout the day- I need the posts posted on facebook with my link!

Here is what you do if you need step by Step :

#1 Copy this post url
#2 Go HERE
#3 write a subtitle and paste the Url!
And it is that easy!!!

Now come on people you need to beat Whitney and Lisa!!!

So the first person to find my post and post it correctly on facebook- with a title and link will get a surprise envelope of coupons
(They will be good ones that are great for sales and high value ones- I will even ask you for a coupon of your choice for one of them!!)

So make sure to check throughout the day for posts!! And remember this contest!!

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