Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great deals on Disney Products!!

So my son loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He gets so excited as soon as he hears Mickey say "Hey everybody it's me Mickey Mouse" - so we have all the episodes recorded on our DVR but they get old. So I have been looking where to get the cheapest dvds! I have looked on Amazon, Ebay, Target, and every other website. I haven't found them cheaper than I can get them from the Disney Movie Club! Right now they have it to where you purchase 4 dvds for $1 and free s/h! Then they give you a bonus offer that counts toward the movies you have to buy for $14.95 and then an extra bonus offer for $9.95 !! So the catch is- you have to purchase 5 movies in 24 months! And then they will send you offers- and if you don't want them you just decline! So easy and such a great deal!!!! Now just click on the picture above!!

So our Frugal Reader Rozemary emailed about this great deal at the Disney Store!They are having a %40 off Summer Swim Sale! And they have great variety of various themed sandals on sale right now for $2.99 so head on over HERE!! And thank you Rozemary for the great tip!

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Rozemary said...

Your welcome!
They are having some super great deals!! :)

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