Monday, June 21, 2010

Safeway Trip using Albertsons Catalinas!

At Safeway right now through the 24th of June they are having a promo where you spend $15 on participating items get a $5 coupon for a gift card!

Here is how I got mine and how I used my Albertsons catalinas :

* Make sure to bring the Safeway Policy with you HERE

( I was in desperate need of Cascade!)

3 Cascade Dish Detergent $4.99 each
- $0.25 coupon from 6/6 PG
-$0.50 coupon from mailer
-$.050 coupon from mailer
Total: $13.72 for 3

Dawn Dish Soap $1.99
( I needed a filler for the promo)
-$0.25 coupon from 6/6 PG
Total: $1.74

Little Swimmers *Clearance $3.50*
-$1.50 coupon from
Total= $2.00

Then I used :
$10.00 Albertsons catalina from Conagra Promo
$5.00 Albertsons catalina from Dairy Promo

Total for everything pictures after catalina and coupons :
$1.96 then I got a $5 catalina for a giftcard!

Here is the catalina just in case you aren't sure what to look for.

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