Thursday, June 17, 2010

House Party!!!

Look what I got delivered on my front porch today!!

This is my package for my House Party!!

I love this!! Life's a Party. Be a Host!
I love to be a Host- so it fits me perfect!! Now time to finish up my plans!!!

Here are all the amazing goodies I got!!!
I am so excited to throw my House Party and try all these amazing products!
I do have to say I already sprayed the Room Spray and it is amazing! I love to have my house smelling clean and like air freshener - so this was the perfect House Party for me to throw!

Now what can you do to be able to be a House Party Host???

It is so simple- Just go HERE and put in your info!
Then they have different Parties for you to apply to- now pick which one is best for you!

Here are a few they have right now for you to apply to :

If you are a Verizon Fios customer you can apply to this :
Fios Viewing Party- The Ultimate Battle

For you Moms:
The Kleenex Clean & Fresh Hands House Party

Want to have a back yard party:
Splenda Summer House Party

For those who have a PS3:
Play on with Playstation House Party

Like to BBQ:
Boboli Beat BBQ Boredom House Party

Love to Clean:
Rubbermaid Clean little Secrets House Party

Has anyone hosted a House Party before????

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