Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a night....but good deals!

16 Items ( Chimichangas not in picture- paid for but none there!) For 12 cents!!!

So how I got these items.....
I first went to the lynnwood Albertsons and got the chimichangas! They were all out and today was the last day of the sale...so the cashier so nicely rang up each item -10 of them! So it took a little while and the line got long ;)

So 10 chimichangas not pictured:
1 each = $10.00
Paid with $10 catalina
= Free!! Then got a $10 catalina back!!!

Green Works dish soap
-1.00 doubler
= + .03 moneymaker

-1.00 doubler
= + .12 moneymaker

Keebler Cookies
3x $1.88
-3x 1.00 mfc
-3x 1.00 doubler
= +.36 moneymaker

NoYolk Noodles

Total .12 cents!!! 9 cents of it was tax!!!!


Johnny & Alli said...

Ok! I'm going to need to pick your brain! I am looking at all these coupons and I'm just not sure how you got such a low price.
The coupons say $1 off or .50 off but you got way more off. How did you do that? Like the stuff you got at Target specifically...I'm confused! Haha! Sorry!

Sarah and James Wagner said...

No worries :) I would love to help! Under each item I post what coupons I used and how I got that price :) For Albertsons they have been having twice the value coupons (doubler) and if I have a manufacturer coupon it is mfc :) If you have a store coupon you can use a mfc also! Let me know which transaction you have questions on :) You can email me to sarahb2749@gmail.com

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