Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hi my name is Sarah and I am a couponaholic!

So I am just beginning in this wonderful world of being frugal and have had a very eye opening experience! I just became a stay at home mom and it is amazing the things you will do to save money!

My friend and I were talking a little while ago, about life before we had babies and about how we would go to the store and just put anything in our carts without worrying about the price! Now we go to the store and are just amazed!!! Just the other day I was talking to my husband about how we are getting ahead...and he reminded me that we are now on just his income and the 5hrs a week I do from home for work, and my hair money- And we are doing better now than before! Isnt that sad? Minus the extra income- we are still doing ok??? I am so grateful I am able to stay home with my son, and so grateful for this eye opening experience - reality! I am now a coupon clippping, blog reading, deal finding queen! I hope to use this blog to be a reminder to me to always be aware of what I am spending and to help educate others!! Make sure to leave comments and let me know of any deals you find that are amazing!!!


Rozemary said...

It IS amazing! How do you think we survived Janzen being unemployed for a year? There are deals and steals everywhere!! Just takes a little time and effort to find them. ;) It's really not as hard as most people think!

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

Sarah this is such a fun blog! I look forward to reading it ;)

Frugal Finds said...

Hi Sarah,

just wanted to say thank you for having me on your blog list! and thanks for reading!

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