Saturday, March 27, 2010

Need Cheese?? We do!

We go through so much cheese in our house!!! And I just love getting a great deal!!!

Total: $80.24 Total Spent : $12.24

*Kraft Cheese x 10
10 x 1$/2 Blinkie coupons

*Smart Taste Pasta x 5
1 x $1 off coupon from April 2010 Better Home & Garden
4 x .75 cents of from HERE
( It lets you print twice from each computer so I use more than one to get multiples)

A& W Rootbeer
$1.00 - just on sale and I wanted it ;) no coupon

*Cookie Mix Krusteaz
8 x .55 cents peelie on box

*Vitamin Water
Free from being a facebook fan!

*March Madness Promotion!! Purchase 8 participating items get $4 off instantly!!

I purchased 3 sets of 8 items so I got an additional $12 off besides the coupons!!!

TOTAL SAVINGS : 85% $68.00!!!

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