Thursday, March 18, 2010

QFC - Free Pasta!!

Right now at QFC they have a deal going on March to Savings:
Purchase 8 participating items and get $4 off instantly!
( They have a little shopping list you can pick up or on the items it has a little tag)

Smart Taste Spaghetti
4 x $1.25
- 4x.75mfc Here
Total = $2.00

Healthy Harvest Spaghetti
2x $1.25
-1 1$/2mfc Here
Total= $1.50

Classico Sauce
-1 1$/2 mfc Here
Total = 2.98

These were the 8 participating items so - $4.00 Total = $2.48

* Thank you CouponConnectionNW for the FREE pasta idea! Now how are you going to mix and match this deal!!!

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