Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How I coupon!


Everyone likes to organize their coupons differently. For me I have found the best way is in a coupon binder! I used to use the little accordian organizer that is most commonly used for couponing- but I always got to fustrated trying to find the right coupon...it just took too much time and I never used them! So how do I organize mine?? I took a few different concepts! I first started by looking on you tube at different videos! Then I looked how others did it! And The Krazy Coupon Lady has a great little thing you can print out or use HERE ! I used a lot of her ideas for this but made it more customized for me and for how the stores near me are set up! There is no right or wrong way to do this...and some other method may work for you!

What I needed for my binder :

Baseball card holders - 2 packages
Clear sheets- 1 package
Sheet Dividers with pockets & tabs- 4 packs
Binder with a zipper - You dont want all your hard work falling out or getting wet!!!

Where do I get the coupons

And so many other websites!!! If I need to buy something I look for a coupon first!!!

Make sure to send for free samples!! Who wouldn't want a free sample!! And they send coupons too!!!

Is it hard to coupon?

Couponing is time consuming but there are so many blogs/websites you can use to help you get great deals! It is fun to challange yourself and go find those good deals! For me I like to try to plan out my grocery trips before...but then I also bring my binder with me- because you can always find those great deals!! When I shop I like to make sure I am saving the most so I watch the prices, and try to get things for free,basically free, or make money on the items!!!

Let me know what questions you have!!! I will be posting different things I buy and hopefully you can get the same deals!! Let me know if you find any good deals!!!!! It is always great to share~

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