Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double Days

Here is my purchase for the day!! And if you are wondering what a catalina is! Here are the two I got from my chimichangas for the Chill Promo!!

Granola Bars
2 x 2.50= $5.00
-1.50 off 2- Albertsons coupon from back of flier
-1.00 off 2 - manufacturer coupon
-1.00 - twice the value coupon
= $1.50

Wheat Thins
2 x 1.99= $3.98
2 x 1.00 off coupons from facebook fan!
2 x .30 off ( Albertsons 1.69 coupon from front page)
2 x 1.00 twice the value coupon
= +.62 moneymaker

10 x 1.00 = $10.00
-$10.00 catalina
* Plus got a $10 catalina back!!

Another Transaction:

Texas Toast
-1.00 manufacturer coupon
-1.00 twice the value coupon
= .99

Suave Deodorant
-.75 manufacturer coupon
-.75 manufacturer coupon
= .19

Dial Soap ( Target!Opps took the pic with my Albertson's deals!)
-.35 manufacturer coupon
-1.00 manufacturer coupon
= .02

Total for all items : $2.08 Yay for another day of money saved!
How are you using your Twice the Value coupons???


The Palmer's said...

I wanted to let you know about a bread deal. Oroweat makes a new bread called "Soft Family". It's on the bottom shelf at the Lynnwood Albs. Anyway, I think it's $1.50 right now (2/$3). I bought a loaf because we needed bread - well out of the catalina came a coupon for $0.75 off the bread for next time. So I used it and doubled it - making it free. And everytime I buy it - another $0.75 off coupon comes out again. I don't know how long Catalina will spit it out...but I'll keep getting free bread until then! :)

Sarah and James Wagner said...

I am going to go get bread tomorrow ;) Once I get it I will make sure to post :) Yay!! Thank you my albertsons insider!!!

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