Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is your plan for the weekend??

This weekend I am especially looking forward to the newspaper!! I just love it when there are 3 inserts!!!Thank goodness I get 10 papers!!! I will be stocking up!!!! And even better- we will be getting Albertson's Twice the value coupons!!!!

So where am I planning on going????

QFC- for more free pasta and they have a great deal on cheese too!!!! If you haven't got your free pasta go HERE for your coupons!

Albertsons- to plan my trip and see how I am going to use my doublers!!

Target- for more airwicks ( hey why not stock up for the refills and the batteries) and for cheap pillows, get your coupon HERE for both! And looking at clearance items!! Oh, and some easter candy and a basket for our little man since we are doing our Easter this weekend!

Walgreens- for some more Trail Mix get your coupon HERE by becoming a fan!

Safeway -to see what deals I can find!!

* I know it is a lot of stores....but I feel deprived this week!!!!

** Have you remembered to get your FREE Picaboo photo book?? I just ordered 3 books last night!! I did two transactions! I needed 3 of the same book- so I ordered the free one and paid shipping! Then I ordered two more and did they buy one get one free!! What a great deal!! And I have to say- I have made all different photo books and Picaboo is now my FAVORITE!!! It was so easy to do, and let you design it anyway you wanted!! Plus they gave me the chance to try it out for free!!! Thank you Picaboo!! Go HERE for the promo codes and to make yours!!

**** Did you remember to enter my first giveaway??? Go HERE to enter!!

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Lisa said...

seriously? 10 papers? how much do they cost there? here it is $7 a month for sunday papers and i couldn't image getting 10 copies of that. i'm still just getting one.

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