Coupon Binder

I use the Binder Method! The reason I love this method is so I can see each coupon!

What you need :
Binder ( I recommend 3 inch) For the Binders I have go HERE, HEREBaseball Card Holders ( I got mine at Target Start out with at least 2 packs)Tabbed Dividers ( I got mine at Target you will need at least 24 tabs)Clear protective Sheets ( 1 pack)

How I organize Mine:

In the front of my binder I have the clear protective sheets and I put one for each of the stores I go to. I put the "store" coupons in those! I DON'T put catalinas in there- since those are the same as money :)
* The Bold items are on the tabs and the numbered are the inserts inside of the divider under that tab (so sub-sections)
Snacks 1. Chips 2.Granola Bars 3. Fruit Snacks 4. Anything Else
Canned Items 1.Soups,Broths 2. Fruits 3. Veggies
Pasta 1.Pasta 2.Pasta Sauce
Prepared Food/Rice
Baking 1.Baking Items 2.Boxed Baking,Frosting
Breakfast 1.Cereal 2.Poptarts 3. Bars
Drinks 1.water 2. Juice 3. Other
Refridgerated 1.Butter/Sourcream 2.Cheese 3.Yogurt 4.Biscuts/cookie dough 5.Milk &Juice 6.Meat 7.Misc
Freezer 1.icecream 2.Frozen meals 3.Veggies,Fruit 4. Misc.
Paper & Plastic
Surface Cleaners
Dish Washing
Air Freshners & Candles
Health Care
1.Medicine 2.Vitamins 3.First Aid
Oral Care
1.soap 2. Bodywash 3.Deodorant 4. Shampoo &Conditoner 5.Razors 6.Personal Care 7.Misc

Questions I get??

Do you put the coupons in order of expiration?
I don't put them in order, because each week when I put in new coupons I take out the expiring ones as I put new ones in.

Q.Does it take a lot of time?
A. If you are caught up and do them each week when you do them, then it dosent take long :)

Q. How do you cut all your coupons since you get 10 papers?
A. I pull the inserts apart, and stack the matching insert on top of each other so that way I am cutting 10 at a time!Like the picture below !

My cheat way!!
(Don't have time but still want to coupon???)

SO...Here is my pile- and this is why I haven't done this post earlier ;) I have been behind!We all get there, and get behind....but we still want to coupon and get the great deal!! Here is what I do!!!

1. On most blogs you will see when you find the deal you want it will say the item and then the date and either RP,SS,or PG!

2. So you take that date and then you go to your pile of inserts and on the right hand side it will have the date! Then you cut the coupon out that you need!

* So you like to do it this way??? Want to make it easier...Just take a sharpie and write the date on the front page ( of course not on the coupon )

So you are going through your ads and you find what you want...but not sure if you have a coupon and dont want to spend the time looking for it...what do you do???

Here is what I do!

...Then on the right hand side there is a label that says : Grocery Coupon Database
Click on that then put in your state and click go!Once the new screen pops up - put in the item you are looking for! ( Plus this way you can also see if a coupon someone else has- you can see if you have it too or it is just regional)

Questions :

Q. So what do I do before going to the store???
A. Before I go to the store I make sure to have my list planned out! I have my coupons clipped and if the store takes twice the value coupons I will have the coupons attached.

Q. What do you think is the benefit of having the binder?
A. I like to carry my binder with me when I am looking for deals- if I just am going to the store for a certain item I normally won't carry it with me.

* I have used different methods of organizing coupons and these are the two ways that have worked for me :) So you might find different ways that are better for you go HERE to see some different ideas!
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