Friday, August 6, 2010

Todays Giveaway Feature :

Each day this week I'll be featuring one of the sponsors we have in our amazing giveaway! I am excited to share more about each of them with you!

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My Coupon Hunter

So why do I order from a coupon clipping service, since I get at least 10 papers a week???

There are so many times when I want to stock up on certain items or I don't get a certain value coupon. So I go over to My Coupon Hunter and order what I need! She also has non-insert coupons that are hard to find!

Now there are many clipping Services out there why do I choose
My Coupon Hunter??

She ships so fast! Each time I have ordered from her I get them within 2-3 days! She is all the way in Florida and ships to me in Washington, so that is fast service.

She has no extra Fees!!! Most clipping sites you will see a Minimum order required and she has none! Also there are no extra fees that you may see!!

She gets back to emails quickly!!If I ever need something shipped same day I make sure to email her, and she always responds right away and lets me know!!

She has awesome packages!! Just go here and here to check out her subscription plans!

Make sure to go and sign up for My Coupon Hunter emails to see when the newest coupons are out!! Just go HERE!

Make sure to check her out on facebook HERE!! Don't forget The Coupon Posse' too!

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