Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's Giveaway Feature :

Each day this week we will be featuring one of the sponsors
that we have in our amazing giveaway!
We are excited to share more about each of them with you!

Just make sure to enter the Giveaway HERE
6 people will win and there are 16 ways to enter!!

And don't forget about The Coupon Posse's other Giveaway
for CSN Stores

Since I let everyone know where I get our extra coupons,
it is time to let you know where I gets my coupons!
I get them from Mad Coupons!
What is Mad Coupons?

Mad Coupons is a coupon distribution service that brings coupon inserts straight to your home! And you don't even have to get rid of the rest of the paper that you didn't want anyway! ( She does all the dirty work for you!) You pay for them via PayPal all you do is need to send her what you would like!

Mad Coupons service provides packs of 10 of each coupon insert in that week’s paper for just $10.50 per pack.(That includes shipping!) So much cheaper than $2.50 a paper!

If you would like more information about receiving coupons from Mad Coupons make sure to email Sarah from Mad Coupons at
You can also find her on facebook HERE!

Now don't forget to enter the giveaway for a Month of her service FREE!
Just go HERE!!

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