Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why I love Swagbucks!!

So I joined Swagbucks forver ago and didn't really get the hang of it! Then 2 weeks ago I was talking to Whitney and I started again!! It has now been 2 weeks and I just got my third $5 Amazon Ecard!!! I am so excited!!!All you have to do is download the toolbar and search!!Now how are you going to Earn your Swagbucks?????

Search & Win

Here are different ways how to earn yours!

Once you download the toolbar there is a button that says Ways to Earn.

* Search- Just search away and sometimes it will pop up you won!!!
*Special Offers - click on the Special Offers tab in the left column then you will click on No Obligation Offers - skip through several ads, and you will get 2-4 Swagbucks. And you can do this everyday!!!
*Shop- You in "their" shopping section and you get 2 Swagbucks for every $1 you spend!!
*Trade in: Trade in your old electronics and get Swagbucks!
*Invite your friends: You will win up to 1000 points that they do ( on online searches)
* Check the Swagbucks blog and TSG mail: You will get codes to enter in!
*Search on Fridays: You can win up to 1000 Swagbucks on Friday!!

So there are so many ways to Earn!!! How will you start?????

Search & Win

* If you havent joined Netflix join under the special offers- you will get 713 points!!!

Make sure to click on one of my Swagbucks pictures so I can get a Referral and then make sure to refer your friends so you can earn more Swagbucks!!!


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