Friday, April 9, 2010

Albertsons before this Weekends Doublers!

I am waiting to do more shopping at Albertson's this week till we get the Twice the Value in Sunday's Paper!!!! But here is what I have found!

Total for this Picture : $ 1.49

Baby Basic Swim Pants $3.43 ( Clearance Bin)
I had a coupon but it rang up wrong so the policy for Albertsons is- if it rings up wrong you get it FREE!! ( That is what my store told me)

= FREE ( Has Catalina for buying 7 kelloggs cereals)

2 x Oreos $2.99 each
- Coupon from being a Facebook fan of Nabisco * Buy one milk and nabisco product get Free Nabisco item!
- Coupon from tearpad * Buy one milk and nabisco product get $1.50 off your order
= $1.49

Sun Chips
- coupon for being facebook fan that I got in the mail

Might as well get them while they are cheap ;) 96 cents for this picture!

Stayfree ( clearance bin $2.24 each)
4x $2.00 3/28RP
= 96 cents!

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