Friday, April 23, 2010

Got some good deals at Safeway!

All of this for : $3.34!!
* Should have been $7.84 but the cashier rang my $1.50 coupons 3 extra times?? I figure last time they wouldnt give me $4.50 when something rang up wrong so we are even?

Classico Pasta Sauce $1.49 WYB 3
4 B1G1 from ( they went fast)
= 74 cents each!!

Darigold Sour Cream $1.88
B1G1 free 3/28S1
= 94 cents each!!

Ground Beef $3.00 each
4x Classico Pasta Sauce buy 2 and save $1.50 on Fresh Beef 3/14SS
= Free

This was 49 cents!!!!!

I love the clearance section!! Keep your eyes open!!

$8.99 then 50% off = $4.49
- $4.00 4/4PG
= 49 cents!


Michele said...


Did they have to push the meat coupon through? It beeped on me last time and the checker was not very nice about it. Great deals though and yes I would say that you are even. :-)

Sarah and James Wagner said...

I have used them both at safeway and at Qfc no problems!! Thank goodness I get 10 papers :) Lots of free meat now!!

Lisa said...

Ah man! You gotta tell me about the Classico deals. We buy lots of that.

Sarah and James Wagner said...

Michelle just got more meat with another coupon! And lisa the deal is going on till Tuesday :)

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