Friday, April 16, 2010

Coupons mailed to you!

Click HERE to get your booklet that has $30 worth of coupons inside from Home Made Simple!

Thank you Fun & Frugal Moms!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip! I ordered mine!

Leah said...

Hi Sarah, a OT question here, are the QFC stores basically Fred Meyer/Kroger stores? I was feeling a bit jealous about your QFC scores because we don't have one in Spokane but then when I went to look them up all the local Fred Meyer stores showed up on the list. Was just curious if you know how they are affiliated.

Thanks :)

Leah @ La Vida Cheapo

Sarah and James Wagner said...

Qfc,Fred Meyer,and Smiths are all suppose to be part of Kroger :)

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