Saturday, May 15, 2010

Make sure to go to Target before tomorrow!

Here is what our Frugal Friend Stephanie got!! And they paid her $3.66 to take
these items!

3x Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2in1 starter Kit = $18.87 - 3 Buy SB Gel get Starter Kit Free Q's = FREE

3x Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gel = $11.82 - 3x $1/1 Q = $8.82 ($2.94ea)

1 Belly Bars = $7.99 - $4TQ - $3MQ = $0.99

4x Razers = $31.96 - 4x $5MQ - 4x $1TQ = $7.96 ($1.99ea)

John Freida Mousse Trial Size $1.07 - $2.50MQ = +$1.43

I also got 2 $5 Target gift cards for the SB and 2 $5 Target gift cards for the razers, so in the end...They paid me $3.66 to take all these items home!!!And on the bottom of my receipt it said I saved over $70.00!!!

***** Don't Forget to always make sure your coupons scanned before you leave the store!

Make sure to check out these Deals while you are there! HERE And look for these to :

* Cute Wrapping Paper and 4 packs of giftbags ( I have seen these at all the Targets I have been at)

* Johnson and Johnson Packs of baby oil and a free lotion- Use your $1 JJ 3/7 RP or 4/25SS and get it for 48 cents or Free if you have a Target Coupon!

* Rayovac Batteries in the Dollar Section = Free with your $1 off coupon from HERE

*** Let me know if you find anymore amazing deals!

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