Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Freezing Green Onions

Why should you freeze them?
I don't know about you guys, but in my house we go through a lot of green onions. I use them on a regular basis in cooking. We use them in cooking asian dishes, breakfast, casseroles, etc. Green onions are one of those that are hard to keep fresh. Sometimes I will buy them and they are good for a week, while other times I buy them they spoil the next day. I get sick and tired of throwing away my money. Also, sometimes a recipe will only call for one green onion...what do you do with the rest of the bundle? Throw it away? I know that I used to! Well now you never have to throw them away ever again.

How do you freeze them?
I have experimented with a few different ways and this is what I feel works best!

First off, remember that moisture is your enemy in freezing. Make sure that your green onions are fully dry. If they are not, dry them off with a paper towel to prevent freezer burn. Then chop all of your green onions.

With a funnel or your hand, pour the green onions into an old water bottle (clear works best). When you get them all inside the water bottle, screw the lid shut. Put the water bottle inside your freezer. With the clear watter bottle, you can clearly see what's inside. These will hold up for a few months. When ready to use them, just unscrew the water bottle and pour out as little or as much as you need.

It's that simple. How easy is that? Now you never have to worry about wasting those green onions!

NOTE: Green onions do become a bit soft in freezing, so they are best used in cooked dishes as opposed to salads and garnishing.

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JoDee said...

This is very clever thanks!

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