Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Magazine Deals!!

Today only $3.30!!
Put in Promo Code PXSS516

Go HERE for some more great deals! I have and I am already getting them delivered!

Here are some of the titles and prices :

Better Homes And Gardens
$5.99 for 1 year!!
Coupon code: BHGSPEC

$3.75 for 1 year!!
Coupon Code: WKLYSPEC -$3.75/1 year!! ( I think it ends today)

Everyday prices :

Backpacker Magazine
$4.69 for 1 year!

Bridal Guide
$4.69 for 1 year!

Bicycle Times
$4.69 for 1 year!

Everyday with Rachel Ray
$4.69 for 1 year!

$4.69 for 1 year!

Seriously so many titles...that are so great just go HERE and check them out!

Thank you SuperCouponLady

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